Astronaut Development

Test your limits in this intensive astronaut training experience at Star City in Russia. 

Glavkosmos, a subsidiary company of the Russian State Space Corporation Roscosmos, are offering private citizens the opportunity to experience genuine astronaut training in their impressive training facility at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center or Star City as its also known.

Russia has an accomplished history when it comes to space exploration and the coordination of human spaceflights and their astronaut training program is the culmination of years of hands-on experience and expertise. This detailed training regime can last anywhere from 3.5 – 6 months, depending on the individual requirements, and is the first step in preparing you for space travel.  

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“We spent a lot of time in simulators. We were going to do it right.” – Wally Schirra, NASA Astronaut.

Medical Screening

In order to ensure physical readiness, you will undergo a detailed medical screening that covers your medical history, laboratory and microbiology tests, gathering of anthropometric data (body mass, height, body measurements etc.) and physical examinations by clinical specialists. 


Through the use of virtual reality, piloting simulators and chambers, you will get closer to the feeling of being in space than ever before. From the International Space Station RS Mockup facility to the complex Soyez spacecraft piloting simulator, your training at Star City will be a truly immersive experience.


Every astronaut must prepare themselves for the unique weightless environments they’ll experience during their time in space and your astronaut training will incorporate these exciting elements using specialised equipment and facilities. Train for a spacewalk in a hydro lab swimming pool simulator and experience total weightlessness during a zero-gravity flight. 


Guided by a team of specialists, you will learn how to cope under high accelerations also known as ‘high-g’. Here on Earth, we experience 1g of gravitational force, while during launch and re-entry operations astronauts will need to handle anywhere up to 6gs. Improve your high-g capabilities during your Star City training in specialised centrifuges and centrifugebased simulators.  

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