Dedicated Launch

A tailored solution for your payload launch.

Your launch, done your way, tailored and expertly executed by Stellar Frontiers. Our goal is to gain an in-depth understanding of your brief in order to source the right launch solutions for your project.

Plan my Launch

“Space exploration is a force of nature unto itself that no other force in society can rival.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson 

Choose Your Orbit

From low earth to sun synchronous orbit, if your payload requires a custom orbit location, we can help to get it there.

Specify Your Timeline

Let us know your timeline and we will plan your launch accordingly. We coordinate all elements and work to get your payload to your desired destination on time, keeping your mission on track.

Allocate Your Budget

We negotiate on your behalf and aim to secure your payload launch on a budget that works for you with no hidden fees or costs and transparency guaranteed throughout.  

More Payload Solutions


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