The International Space Station

Experience life at zero gravity.

The International Space Station is the largest human-made single structure to be launched into low earth orbit. It flies at approximately 400 kilometers from the earth’s surface and circles our planet every 90 minutes at speeds of around 17,500mph. Only a handful of private citizens have visited the ISS to date and with the possibility that it will be deorbited in 2027/28, there may only be a limited time remaining to experience this rare and life-changing journey. You’ll have the unique opportunity to accompany the professional International Space Station astronauts for up to 10 days as you experience day to day life at zero gravity.

Become an Astronaut

Prepare Yourself

Ahead of your mission, you’ll complete rigorous medical checks and carry out approximately three and half months of intensive, NASA-level physical, mental and biomedical training, which is an incredibly rewarding venture in itself. This can be done consecutively or broken up if required.

Stellar Frontiers will arrange all logistical aspects as well as assisting in developing your mission purpose to ensure you make the most of your time aboard the International Space Station.

Getting There: Soyuz or Dragon

First constructed in the 1960’s, Soyuz is a series of spacecraft developed for the Soviet space program that has completed over 140 flights. Having undergone numerous technological developments and improvements, the Soyuz spacecraft offers an established and safe way to reach the International Space Station, and prior to the introduction of the Dragon capsule in 2020, it was the only means by which astronauts could reach the ISS. Launched by the Soyuz rocket, the Soyuz spacecraft can carry three astronauts to the Space Station from its launch site in Kazakstan.  

Space X’s Dragon capsule spacecraft has completed over 23 flights to the International Space Station. Up until 2020, its primary use was to transport cargo but it now offers passenger flights for both NASA and commercial astronauts. The Dragon crew capsule is launched to the edge of space by the Falcon 9 rocket. Once separated, it can perform manoeuvres to maintain course for the International Space Station.

Your Time On Board

A truly transformative experience awaits as you board the International Space Station. You’ll have time to reflect as you gaze at the earth from 250 miles above. Witness the sunrise and the sunset every 45 minutes and gain a new perspective as you take in the expanse of the cosmos beyond.  

Whether you choose to partake in scientific research, to conduct experiments or to connect, educate and inspire the astronauts of tomorrow, Stellar Frontiers will be there every step of the way supporting your personal mission.

Return to Earth

Depart the International Space Station as one of the few people in human history to have visited space. Continue your journey back on earth as you become an ambassador for space travel, sharing your experience and leading the charge for future generations.

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