World-first private Spacewalk.

Never done before by a private citizen, a spacewalk is the epitome of the space experience. NASA astronaut Douglas Wheelock describes a spacewalk as more of a floating “space ballet on your fingertips than a walk. A bolt on experience to the International Space Station visit, preparing for a spacewalk requires an additional month of intensive training, much of which is carried out in a large swimming pool, or Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory alongside virtual reality simulation training 

Become an Astronaut

“I’m coming back in… and it’s the saddest moment of my life.” – NASA astronaut Ed White on the conclusion of his first spacewalk in June 1965.  


Critical training elements for the spacewalk will be coordinated by Roscosmos, the Russian State Corporation for Space Activities, who have been training and sending astronauts into space for decades. All other logistical and planning elements will be run by Stellar Frontiers, ensuring you have on-the-ground support from beginning to end. 

A Unique Vantage Point

Even for many experienced astronauts, a spacewalk is the apex of their careers, offering a rare and unique vantage point of our earth that few will ever be lucky enough to experience. Get in touch with Stellar Frontiers to find out more about spacewalk prerequisites and the Roscosmos training program

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