Axiom Space Station

The first private space station in low earth orbit. 

Due for completion in the late-2020’s, the Axiom Space Station is set to be the first private space station of its kind. It will initially be attached to the International Space Station and assembled piece by piece in orbit before disconnecting from the ISS on its retirement.

Become an Astronaut

World-class Design

Intended for commercial as well as professional astronaut missions, Axiom have sought the creative eye of world-renowned French designer and architect Philippe Starck to design its crew accommodations. The “egg-like” pods will offer unobstructed views of our earth, as you’ve never seen it before.

Science in Space

Much like the International Space Station, the Axiom Station will act as a laboratory carrying out critical research, micro-gravity experimentation and technology demonstrations. Private astronauts travelling to the station will engage in personalised mission planning, from aiding philanthropic causes to educational outreach, and will undergo an extensive 15-week medical and training programme before a 10-day experience orbiting 250 miles above the earth. 

“I don’t know what you could say about a day in which you have seen four beautiful sunsets.” – John Glenn, the first U.S. astronaut to orbit Earth.

Launch Providers

Axiom have partnered with Space X to provide transportation to the station via the Dragon capsule and Falcon 9 launch rocket. Having already conducted numerous successful passenger flights to the International Space Station, the Dragon spacecraft offers a tried and tested method of human spaceflight to low earth orbit.   

The Boeing Starliner crew capsules may also be utilised in the future for transporting commercial and private astronauts to the Axiom Station.

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